Artists For Reproductive Rights Art Auction

Artists For Reproductive Rights Art Auction
FAIRSHARE ART AUCTION on Instagram for Women's Reproductive Rights from July 26- August 2
Stay tuned!


Pleased to be included in "DEMOCRACY NOW!" curated by Jackie Lima at Gallery Gaia 79 Hudson Ave. Vinegar Hill (short walk from DUMBO) Brooklyn, NY through August 28, 2022. Hours: Saturday and Sunday 2-7. 

Arc of the Viral Universe: a Notebook Project

Arc of the Viral Universe: a Notebook Project
Where: Ossining Public Library Gallery
When: April 3 – April 27, 2022
Library Hours: Monday: 9am-9pm – Tuesday: 10am-6pm
Wednesday:1pm-9pm – Thursday: 9am-9pm – Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm - Sunday: 1pm-5pm
Opening Reception: Sunday, April 3, 2022, 2pm – 4pm
At the opening you can meet the “Arc-ists” and see a presentation by “Arc-ivist,” Carla Rae Johnson
Imagine you are about to meet someone new in 2022. You do not know their politics; nor their attitudes toward social justice; nor what they think about masks, vaccines, or climate change. You have no idea what their approach is to science or history. Imagine gaining insights into what they think is most important about being human; learning about their dreams and hopes for the future; finding out what catches their attention in the morning and what they worry about each night before they drift off to sleep. Imagine getting to know all of this through words and images, without having to ask a single question, without running the risk of offending, or fearing a disagreement! Welcome to the “Arc of the Viral Universe” notebooks!
Curator/Arc-ivist Carla Rae Johnson conceived of Arc of the Moral Universe: a Notebook Project” following the 2016 presidential election and expanded upon it with Arc of the Viral Universe at the start of the COVID pandemic. She recognized that these world-altering events presented unique historic moments, and that it would be important to invite thoughtful, creative colleagues to record and document their lives, works, and thoughts during this critical moment in time - first between 2018 and 2019 and then again between April 2020 and April 2021.
Curator/”Arc-ivist,” Carla Rae Johnson describes the origins and intentions of these profound and timely notebook s: “In recent years, I have been increasingly concerned about the trajectory of justice in our country. A quote by Theodore Parker was recurring in my mind:”
“I do not pretend to understand the moral universe, the arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways. I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight; I can divine it by conscience. But from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice.” Theodore Parker 1853 (quoted by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and President Barak Obama)
Does the arc indeed bend towards justice? How has the pandemic influenced the arc’s trajectory?
At the Ossining Public Library Gallery, you will find more than thirty notebooks on display in the gallery so that you can browse through each page. These notebooks are beautiful, personal, insightful, and thought-provoking.
“Arc of the Viral Universe”
Karen Allen - Inez Andrucyzk - Anne E. Bruce - Jo-Ann Brody
Angela Carrozza - Laurel Garcia Colvin - Linda Cunningham
Patricia Dahlman - Maria Delaney - Beth DeWitt Maureen Dillon Flori Doyle - Linda Jean Fisher - Marcy B. Freedman- Wendie Garber Bonnie Glauber - Steve Jacoby - Claudia Jacques
Carla Rae Johnson - Barbara Lipp - Mary McFerran - G. Ray Mak Brook Maher - Willie Marlowe - Susan Obrant - Amie Oliver Francine Perlman - Pearl Rosen Golden - Jacqueline Rivera
Sharon Rubinstein - Ann Shapiro - Devin Siglock - Barbara Suggs Peg Taylor - Lavinia Wiggins
Please visit these Facebook pages for additional information, images, and exhibition updates:
Arc of the Moral Universe@thefirstnotebookproject
Arc of the Viral Universe@anotebookproject
Visit Carla Rae Johnson’s website for more information on the arc-ivist/arc-ist

"All Will Be Recognized"

"All Will Be Recognized"
Pleased to exhibiting with Spliced Connector group on Artsy with the online exhibition "Everything Will Be Recognized." Curated by Karen Fitzgerald and Ann Sgarlata.

"Sidewalk Art Show"

"Sidewalk Art Show"
"Sidewalk Art Show" at The Museum of Early Trades & Crafts. METC selected a group of New Jersey artists to make banners for an exhibition held in the METC Education Annex from October 27, 2021- February 26, 2022. Artists were invited to create original fine artwork on canvas material that was provided. Each banner is a one-of-a-kind work of art using any medium of the artist’s choice reflecting the theme of “Hope.”

Art Fair 14C, Booth #A18

Art Fair 14C, Booth #A18
Please join us this week at 14C Art Fair at Mana in Jersey City, NJ and visit Spliced Connector group at Booth #A18. The fair runs from November 12-14, 2021
For tickets go here
For more information about Spliced Connector group go here
I'll be showing embroideries and drawings.

Spliced Connector Fall 2021 Exhibition: Things Are Not What They Seem | Organized by Karen Fitzgerald | Hosted by SHIM Art Network

Spliced Connector Fall 2021 Exhibition: Things Are Not What They Seem | Organized by Karen Fitzgerald | Hosted by SHIM Art Network
Our perceptions and intuitions fit our animal bodies. Our animal brains have tended toward a desire to measure things, to fit ideas into provable hypotheses that explain the mysteries abounding in our everyday experience. We wish to know things. 
Physicists have been working hard to help us know things. They've uncovered secrets hidden in atoms, and made visible things our eyes cannot actually see. They've identified 3 features of our world that undergird the myriad of our perceptions. 
Our world is granular.
Our world is indeterminate.
Our world is relational. 
What does that mean? It means that we are alive in a web of processes: we are always in the process of passing from one interaction to another. The thinglyness of our perceptions are resultant, that is, we perceive solidity because of the ongoing interactions of tiny particles. At a micro level (think atoms), relational interaction is what yields our bodies, the very air we breathe. While true with the physical world, it is only a small stretch to also understand it as true with our body politic, our body economy, our psychological selves.
The work in this exhibition manifests many of the new understandings physicists have achieved. When one reads a lay-person's text regarding the new physics, there are striking parallels with the visual language. The curvature of space/time; the frothing of particulate interactions. It is not too difficult to see these in the painting vocabulary of contemporary abstraction. "Light falls on a surface like a gentle hail shower;"[*] even light has grains (photons). The non-abstract work of this exhibition also speaks to the opaque, ambiguous, and hidden layers of what is real. 
The visual language is powerful in helping us come to know things. Unlike mathematics, the visual language inhabits the edge of interaction; that potent space where our imagination intersects with the visual language, illuminating things that are not what they seem. 
[*] Carlo Roveli, Reality Is Not What It Seems, (Riverhead Books, NYC, 2014), 113.

Black Renaissance Festival

Black Renaissance Festival
Black Renaissance Festival – Visual Arts Exhibition
Safe Harbors of the Hudson in Newburgh, NY is pleased to present our Visual Arts Exhibition as part of the 2nd annual Black Renaissance Festival, an exhibition of visual and performing arts amplifying and celebrating Black Voices. 21 artists were selected to exhibit their work: Alejandro Lopez, Anna West, Audrey Anastasi, Auguster Williams, Charles Dudley, Ellen Alt & Lawrence Conley, Flu Season, Gabrielle Bardeguez, Gaelen McCartney, Jonathan Buie, Kammy Daydream, Karen E Gersch, Khalidah Carrington, Krystal Coleman, Semi Gia, Naomi Berkery, Patricia Dahlman, Rachel Williams, Steve Estimé, Tianna McCallop, & Yvonne Lamar.
Our gallery will be open Sunday, September 26 from 12-6pm in conjunction with Newburgh Artists Open Studios, and Saturdays following, from 1-5pm. The exhibition will be on display in the Gallery through November 20, 2021. We hope to see you there to celebrate the beautiful, multifaceted work of our Black Renaissance Artists. For more information go here

Index Fall Open Studios

Index Fall Open Studios
Please join us Sunday, October 10th, Noon to 6PM for Index Fall Open Studios and meet some of Index's resident artists!
IAC's artist residencies and studios are located on the first and third floor of our building.
Index's resident artists are:
'Art & Artifacts of Newark' (Matthew Gosser), Patricia Dahlman, Melisa Gerecci, Shawn Colins, Hayley Mojica and Ryan Treppedi, Kevin Durkin and Jeffery Koroski, 'and / or' Colin Sheilds, Gabe Ribeiro and Maude Lemaire, Agnes Deja, Sally Helmi, and Jacob Mandel, Peter Dougherty and Jillian Keats
Also on view :
FIRST FLOOR: (233 Washington Street)
'Art & Artifacts of Newark' is a part of IAC's curatorial residency program featuring works and art exhibitions curated by Matthew Gosser.
Works by: Alana Canares, Chrystofer Davis, Marco Dimaculangan, Steven Intriago, Kelli McGuire, and Cesar Melgar
Curated by Noelle Park & Chai Evaline Silva
ALSO on view on first floor- Music videos by local artist's and musicians! More details to follow...
SECOND FLOOR: (237 Washington Street)
Curated by Sally Helmi
Exhibiting Artists:
Nora Evita Aresti, Shantell Batista, Axe Binondo, Katie Bullock, Marcy Chevali, Eleven, Gisel Endara (Yawati), Gerardo Esteban, Benedicto Figueroa, Monica Flores, Y. Fransheska, Rosemary Gonzalez, Jasmine Holder, Indigleaux, Rita Jimenez, Ayana Kareem, Monifa Kincaid, Esmé Naumes-Givens, Naya Nicole, Olive, Bleriot Thompson, Eddie Villanueva
IAC Side Gallery:
Wild Seedz Pop Up Shop
With works by:
Catherine Bradley, Christopher Nardo, Dannu, Melissa Boyd, Christopher Kovacs, Michael Zolnowski, Mark Hartmann, Beatriz Burgos, and Seth Goodwin
While we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic- Index Art Center is operating under new protocols to keep our visitors and staff as safe as possible. During art openings and events with gatherings of 10 or more people: All visitors, aged 12 and up must be fully vaccinated to gain entrance to IAC.
As part of planning your visit, please be prepared to show proof of vaccination with copy of vaccination card or photo, along with personal identification.

Spliced Energy

Spliced Energy
Pleased to have both Michael Dal Cerro's and Patricia Dahlman's work in this beautiful online show, "Spliced Energy." Curated by Karen Fitzgerald and hosted by Project Gallery V.

"Arc of the Viral Universe and Arc of the Moral Universe" at Tomkins Library, Ithaca, NY

"Arc of the Viral Universe and Arc of the Moral Universe" at Tomkins Library, Ithaca, NY
“Arc of the Viral Universe” (2020-2021) inaugural exhibition in combination with the “Arc of the Moral Universe” (2018-2019) at Tomkins County Public Library in Ithaca, NY co-sponsered by the library and the Saltonstall Foundation.
September through October 2021
These are two notebook projects, artist and curator Carla Rae Johnson curated, inviting artists, writers, and lots of other creative people to document their visions, thoughts, and hopes during these very challenging times.


Pleased to be included in this exhibition. Come on by.
Sars Cov-2, Covid-19- a coronavirus that caused so much pain, death, political, medical, and philosophical disagreements. It's not over, it could even come back- we're hoping it doesn't!!
In the meantime -
Please join us for an ART SHOW- IN AN ART SPACE - WITH PEOPLE- and maybe even see some of their beautiful faces!
It's been over a year (for some of us) since we've all been in one place enjoying art and each other-
Hope to see you and hope things can feel just a little bit back to normal!
Exhibiting Artists:
Akintola Hanif
Amanda Thackray
Andrea Fernandez
Angel Rivera
Armisey Smith
Asha Ganpat
Beatriz Burgos
Bisa Washington
Cali Smith
Colleen Gutwein O'Neal
Desiree Feliciano
Gabe Ribeiro
German Pitre
Gianluca Bianchino
Hayley Mojica
Ina Rusin
Jacob Mandel
Jeanne Brasile
Jillian Keats
Jo-El Lopez
Juno Zago
Katrina Bello
Kelly Ann Pinho
Kevin Durkin
Layqa Nuna Yawar
Mariya Ermakova
Maude Lemaire
Melisa Gerecci
Noelle Lorraine Williams
Oîma / Marilyn Sanchez
Patricia Dahlman
Peter Dougherty
Ryan Treppedi
Sally Helmi
Samantha Katehis
Shawn Collins
Stephen McKenzie
William Oliwa
Joya Angola Thompson
Opening reception: Saturday, July 24, 7 to 11 PM
Exhibition dates: July 24 to August 13
During the opening reception Index will be asking unvaccinated individuals to wear their masks. Vaccinated individuals can show us their vaccine card and get a nifty Index wristband that says you're vaccinated! We will not ask to see your vax card unless you want the wristband- special treats available with wristband (candy, cookies, etc...)
Signs will be up that will say: Unvaxxed= mask up! Vaxxed= Your choice!
Index Art Center
233 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102

PRIDE: A Celebration of Diversity, Identity and History

PRIDE: A Celebration of Diversity, Identity and History
PRIDE : A celebration of diversity, identity, and history
June 3 - July 25, 2021 at the Plaxall Gallery exhibition extended
In creating this exhibit, the word Pride was used as a base for inspiration and interpretation. It was designed to be taken literally, conceptually or theoretically. We chose strong, personal work that addresses the issues being discussed today, as well as projects that frame the historical struggles of the LGBTQ+ community and its increasing acceptance into the ever changing mainstream.
This dynamic group of visual artists mostly come from the New York City area, but also from across the country, as well as from Argentina, Taiwan, Cuba, Spain, Venezuela and India. 
It is a true representation of the diversity we strive for in our Queens community, and to a wider, more altruistic extent, in our country.


Pleased to be included in Spliced Connector's online spring 2021 exhibition on Artsy: "Echolocations" May 21 - September 23, 2021. Organized by Karen Fitzgerald, curated by Dudley Zopp and hosted by SHIM Art Network.
work above: Karen Fitzgerald, "Pink Air" 2021

Rewriting Herstory: Making the World Better

Rewriting Herstory: Making the World Better
This exhibition attempts to set the record straight and rewrite history to include herstory. We want to honor inspiring women (special shout out to BIPOC) who are historic or newsworthy- whether or not they got their due in their day.
Curated by Drawing Rooms and shown online on Artsy


Starting today (Friday, February 19) you will have a chance to bid on one or a number of works as part of @fairshareartauction There are a number of wonderful works at incredibly low prices. If your bid wins you will be contacted. Half the final selling price is donated to a charity of your choice. Bidding ends March 1, 2021.

Studio Snapshot: Patricia Dahlman

Studio Snapshot: Patricia Dahlman
Studio Snapshot is a series of short videos exploring the work of Newark contemporary artists. In this video, artist Patricia Dahlman discusses how she was inspired by the arts scene of Newark and how her work responds to our current times. Made by the Newark Museum of Art.
This program has been made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor.


Shim Art Network Spliced Connector presents
Good Bones
An in person group exhibition. Not a virtual one.
Curated by Karen Fitzgerald
November 20 – December 19, 2020
113 East 29th Street New York, NY 10016
Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 12-6pm Phone: 646.369.7184
Tickets required: Get your free tickets here.
Shim Art Network Spliced Connector
Good Bones
I think of all that I have inherited,
all the bodies buried for me to be here and stay here, how I was born with grief and gratitude in my bones
—Red Wine Spills BY L. Ash Williams
Shim Art Network Spliced Connector
Good Bones
Work above: "Thank You First Responders #2" by Patricia Dahlman


WORD is an On-Line Exhibition of paintings, prints, fabric works, photographs and sculpture, which brings together seventeen Artists who activate words WITH, IN, ON or AS a Visual experience. Each Artist, of course, has found their own way to integrate words as shape, pattern and compositional strength – giving their work a complex range of meaning and function.
Are these works a result of the predictive quality of The Painted Word written in 1974 by Tom Wolfe? I would support the idea that the relationship of WORDs and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart has been around for centuries. Not only the Cubists and Dadaists, but the Limbourg Brothers in 14th C Holland and the Stele of Hammurabi, 1760 BCE from Susa in Mespotamia.
These 17 Artists are Contemporary to US – they are working Today to bring us Word/Image of concern to our Time and our Needs. — Jackie Lima
Marie ROBERTS             Pete GOURFAIN           Rita VALLEY           Jim McGLYN          Stephen McKENZIE
Paul DEERY          Jay MILDER           Jenna Katzin LASH          Joseph O’NEAL          Michael DAL CERRO
Harriet FINCK         Shalom NEUMAN         Betsy ROSENWALD       
Patricia DAHLMAN        Jackie LIMA
     Dylan Williams                      Edward Coppola

As part of Easton Book Festival

Capitalism and its Need for the Underclass

Capitalism and its Need for the Underclass
Capitalism and its Need for the Underclass
Part 2 of the Virus of Dehumanization Series
History has taught us that progress is usually
accompanied by resistance from those who do not want their own
lives altered, at everyone else's expense. In this exhibition, we explore
those whom our modern political and economic trends have
marginalized instead of protected... people of color, immigrants, women, LGBTQ, the young, the old, the sick, the disabled, the homeless, the poor, the creative, the intellectual. We ask, “can the entire population be a minority?”
Curated by: Tina Stipanovic, Diana Alsip, and Tim Kelly 
Alter Work Studios